Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Almond oil

We have already discussed the benefits of rubbing alcohol but there is another useful beauty helper: huile d'amande douce (should you ask for it in a shop) or almond oil. It has sweet and nutty (daaaa) aroma and it is usually of a very light yellow colour.

Ideal for massaging (to releave the muscle pain) as the skin absorbs it really easily and soothes any irritation. It restores the moisture in the skin, so it is suitable for dry complexions (rich in vitamins A and B). You can also press it into your nails before you go to bed to nourish the cuticles or into your split hair ends. I use it especially in the winter, when my skin tends to be flakey or after shaving to balance the dried up skin.

I saw the cheapest almond oil at Di (5 EUR, their own brand) or Cattier Paris (11,45 EUR), but they also sell it at Reserve naturelle (10 EUR).

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