Monday, February 21, 2011

Rubbing alcohol

If you do not own one of those little bottles of rubbing alcohol, you should go and get one either at Di, Kruidvat or any pharmacy (anything from 2 -10 EUR a bottle) immediately. The uses are endless for any cosmetics junkie: cleaning of your tools, disinfecting brushes, earings, piercings, razors (to prevent red spots after shaving), tweezers, filers, needles, removing oily/greasy parts on the flat iron or any other surface (such as your nails, prior to the nail varnish application). Also, applied in small amounts (on a cotton Q-tip), rubbing alcohol can help heal/dry acne. Last, but not least, rubbing alcohol is used to press eyeshadow pigments into an eyeshadow pan (or any time your favourite powder, blush, eyeshadow broke and you want it fix it).

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