Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dimethicone in skin products

Dimethicone is skin protectant (emollient) and water repellent that forms a protective barrier on the skin and is often used to facilitate smooth application of a product (source: Generally speaking, it is the main ingredient in any makeup primer (L'Oreal magic perfecting base among them), as it effectively smoothens the skin's surface and locks oil the makeup. Essentially, you do not need an expensive makeup primer to achieve the same effect, as long as your moisturizer contains dimethicone (Monistat gel).

I found one product (sadly, only in the US, but also check ebay) that has a similar impact: Aveeno daily mosturizing lotion (active igredient dimethicone 1.3 %)


  1. Tak len 2 veci, ze Aveeno maju aj v ITA a ze preco davas odkaz na madarsky link? ze ? to zato ze maju to predsednictvo??? :P