Friday, February 25, 2011

HEMA loose and compact powders review

I do realize that HEMA cosmetics is not a top-notch brand, but because I am so overwhelmed by their eyeshadow base, I decided to give their powders a shot as well (no pun intended :-)). So, I bought both cheapo products: compact powder (refillable, contaning Silk and vitamin A, C, E, no 21, 14 g) and a loose powder, contains light reflecting pigments (11 g), thinking they would have the same magical properties as the eyeshadow base.

Well, to cut to the chase, they don't. The compact powder has a cute mirror. The coverage is very sheer and it does not help the oily skin to stay matte, which is something very important for me. The loose powder - this was my first and I think the last loose powder. It just flies everyone with every time you snap the box open, on your clothes, in the sink....the light diffusing particles are nice but the effect was similar as with the compact poweder, a very low longevity. Not my favourite products and I will not repurcharse them.

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