Friday, February 4, 2011

Choose your tools carefully

Makeup brushes are my relatively recent obsession. I used to apply my whole eye makeup with the trusty sponge applicator, until I discovered the beauty universe of YouTube channels and the battle of the THE BRUSHES (MAC vs Sigma).

After meticulous research and a couple of sleepless nights, I decided to order my complete brush kit with a brush roll on, in pink, (currently only available in black, 99 $). Yes, they arrived and we are in love ever since! I am currently eyeing their new collection, Make medid you see the amazing containers they are in?

Once you invest in your brushes, you want to make sure they stay in shape for as long as possible. Through the video posted by Michelle Phan, I found THE BRUSH GUARD - a very cheap (5,50 $ for a package) and innovative way to dry your brushes vertically (head down). I ordered directly on (, but you can also do it via Boozyshop.

Before I splashed out on Sigma, I tried to build up my collection with anything I could put my hands on: H&M (reasonable quality foundation brush), Nature's Reserve (very handy eye brushes) and I recently saw they offer a variety of makeup brushes and tools at Ici Paris.

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