Saturday, February 5, 2011

My beauty bibles

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a beauty rut? For 15 years, I had the same makeup routine, foundation, eye pencil + eyeshadow, mascara, done. We buy and wear makeup but never stop to think about how to apply it the right way. Here are my beauty bibles, which showed me the way and answered my questions:

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual - for everyone from beginner to pro.
I love this book, as it is simple, straightforward and it has beautiful pictures. It is ideal for beginners and also for proficient makeup users (it contains a section with advice for professional makeup artists, too). A step by step guide will show you how to take care of your skin, to conceal perfectly your undereye circles and plenty more (a perfect smokey eye, bridal makeup, makeup for teen, ageless beauty...). I highly recommend this book as it makes a perfect gift to any woman of any age. (hardback,, 17 EUR)

Rae Morris Makeup The Ultimate Guide
This is an excellent book, as it debunks some famous makeup applications myths, such as smiling when applying blush or where the beginning of your eyebrow should start. It teaches you how to prime your skin and your eyelids. I found the chapter on eye colour charts extremely useful. It also contains detailed information on the types of false eyelashes, their application and impact description. The pictures in the book are simply stunning and so is the content (a rare section on over 40s makeup, chapters on countouring and highlighting). The only "downside" is that the book is paperback. I bought mine on, 19 EUR.

Linda Mason Eye Candy
A small compact book concentrating on eye makeup, while providing a short makeup basics chapter. The false eyelashes and eyebrow sections are extremely handy. The book contains some 50 different eye looks. I would recommend this book for teenage girls, as some of the featured looks definitely show better on younger skin (really colourful eyeshadows) or for anyone who wants to try funky eye makeup and does not know how to start. It costs under 10 EUR on

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