Friday, February 4, 2011

How to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing

Our eyelids happen to be one of the oiliest parts of the face, so you may have realized that unless you do something about it, your eyeshadow is going to end up all creased already around lunchtime. And it makes no difference whether you applied a fancy DIOR ombre à paupières or Ruby Rose quad.

If you are familiar with YouTube gurus, then you know all about Too faced Shadow Insurace and Urban Decay Primer Potion (don’t you just love that name). However, I was not ready to cough up 18 $ for a primer in New York, especially if I have already discovered a very inexpensive way to prevent my eyeshadow from creasing - HEMA EYESHADOW BASE.

It was recommended by a friend and the moment I tried it I knew I was onto something great. It makes sure your eyeshadow stays put in place, it costs under 4 EUR and will last an eternity (you will have to depot it after 6 months, to get maximum out of the product).

The product has a consistency of a stiff cream, it is slightly shimmery and comes off lightly white on the eye lids.

For the record. I bought also NYX eyeshadow base in skin colour (6,99 EUR, Boozyshop, available in skin, pearl and white). My eyeshadow creased halfway through the day, as the texture is quite creamy, but still, it is better than no primer.

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  1. Ked som predtym videla v clanku ze si si kupila ten NYX base tak som sa chcela opytat ci nahodou neni lepsi...ale tak uz otazka nie je aktualna...dobry clanok..