Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kruidvat and HEMA haul

A while ago, I went to Ninove shopping center and I of course ended up buying some beauty stuff.
Essence 6 in 1 buffer filer, to file and prime your nails for varnish application, Essence Sun club shimmer for eyes, body and face (because it reminded me of a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick), Essence oil control paper (you want to blot your face after you have applied the foundation, that way your face is going to stay matte for a longer period).

Catrice allround concealer, beige for imperfections, pink for dark undereye circles and green to neutralise redness. Catrice C3 spiced red eyeshadow (unfortunately, it irritates my eyelids for some reason).

2B Cosmetics jumbo pencil - in the vain hope it would produce the same results as NYX jumbo pencil (as seen on YouTube). It is excellent for highlighting under the brow bone, in the inner eye corner and as a base for shimmery eyeshadows.

Hema Lovely Eyes false lashes - full and natural sets. They come with their own glue and a stick to facilitate glue application on the actual lash. Made of pure hair, they are super soft and super long, so I would not wear them in a day time (drag queen alert!). I found applying the eyelashes for the first time extremely hard, but practice makes perfect, so...I loved how they enhanced the look of my eyes, but I am going to trim them and apply them only at the outer end of my eyes in the future.

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