Monday, February 7, 2011

Biggest beauty blunders

Makeup is as old as humankind and has been loved by women (and men) for thousands of years. Just remember Cleopatra and her massive eyeliner...Yet there are still lessons to be learned in how to wear it without looking like the notoriously made-up Queen of the Nile. This funny video perfectly demonstrates 10 biggest makeup mistakes: (but let the one who has never sinned cast the first stone):

However, it is not only makeup that can make you look errrr less perfect:
  • hairy legs - ladies, please shave your legs, especially in the summer! Long hairs are NEVER a pretty sight...
  • hairy armpits - just three words: SHAVE IT OFF
  • facial hair - modern technology should do the trick
  • no pedicure - yet another summer specialty. Cute sandals and long protruding nails, cracked and calloused get it.
  • chipped nail varnish - not a good trend, carrying around a nail polish in the handbag for a quick touch up could be a solution to this one
  • greasy messy hair - there is no point in trying hard with makeup and clothes, when your hair is killing your look...
  • generally neglected appearance BUT perfect gel manicure

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