Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Open up your eyes

In my opinion, there are three easy ways to look rested, sophisticated and "put together":
  • Blush - for that fresh outdoorsy face
  • Undereye concealer - an alpha and omega in beating the tired appearance
  • Eyeliner - defines the eyes, deepens, intensifies your look, optically thickens and elongates the lashes

Eyeliners are available in many shapes and forms but they have different effects.
  • Pencil eyeliners are easy to work with and chances are you are most familiar with this type. However they smudge quickly.
  • Felt tip pen eyeliners are relatively easy to work with, because they offer a steady tip
  • Liquid eyeliners - I find it really difficult to place them as close as possible to my lashline, my hand is shaking like crazy when I do that, so the result is...shaky. Moreover, they tend to "crack" during the day.
  • Cake eyeliners - usually dark coloured powders pressed into a small pot, they are smudge-proof and the colour intensity is strong
  • Gel eyeliners - are equally long lasting and colour intense as cake eyeliners, there are my favourites

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