Friday, February 11, 2011

Contact lenses - a tip for an online shop

I happen to be blind as a bat: - 4 myopic to be exact. After fifteen years of wearing monthly contacts (and buying litres of disinfecting solution) I finally took a leap of faith towards daily contact lenses and I have not regretted it.

Dailies - disposable contact lenses - are not only very convenient for travelling but they are also more hygienic (no danger of protein deposits) and are generally a "healthier" option.  I work in an office and my eyes are sensitive to air-conditioning, what sometimes used to result in conjuctivitis.

For years I was put off by their price, but now I am happy to report that a pair of contacts costs 1 EUR/day. I order at:, 90 contact lenses cost 45,50 EUR with delivery (Cibavision).

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  1. jeeej ty pouzivas presne tie iste sosofky jak ja...tie fresh look su farebne, lebo ja ich mam zelene aj hnede, len moc sa mi nepacia...dik za stranku, nabuduce si objednam aj ja odtial ;D