Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favourite brushes list

You do not have to search long and hard if you want to start building up your brush collection - that is once you know where to get what. I bought my starter brushes at a pharmacy (yes, a pharmacy at Merode, on the same side as EXKI, T.LeClerc brand) HEMA and Réserve Naturelle. (RV)
Here are my favs:

T.LeClerc is a luxurious brand: both price and quality of these are high (cca 20 EUR/brush)
1)eyeliner brush
2) eyeliner and eyebrow brush
3) crease brush
4) concealer brush
I love all of these, but with time I found cheaper alternatives. Quality is superior in these, though.

Furthermore, any of these brushes will be invaluable in your collection:
ESSENCE (Kruidvat)
5) gel eyeliner brush, came in the package with the eyeliner itself. Actually a very good brush. (4 EUR)

MAYBELLINE (Di, Kruidvat)
6) gel eyeliner brush, again come together with the eyeliner, price at Di 12,99 EUR. Also a very good brush.

HEMA (price ratio between 2 - 10 EUR)
7) small angle brush - I only use it to define my brows with an eyeshadow
8) eye shading brush, good quality
9) fluffy blending brush, works best if you have a lot of eyelid space
10) flat shading brush, your best buy for eyemakeup in HEMA
11) foundation brush - super soft bristles make the job of applying foundation really easy

12) meant as a concealer brush, flat synthetic bristles, ideal for applying eyeshadow base, cream eyeshadows    
and liquid products, or when damp, for powder eyeshadow, I use this brush every singly day and I totally  
recommend bying it (cca 8 EUR)
13) shading brush, natural bristles, again an excellent brush and a super buy
14) this is actually a nail brush, but it works well with gel eyeliners
16) fan brush - used for removing eyeshadow fallout

15) bent eyeliner brush - the best way to apply your gel eyeliner, bought in New York (cca 15 $)

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